HAG spares...

  • Hello

    I am trying to convert some 3 rail HAG 460's to 2 rail..I have been through the HAG list of retailers..no joy..


    3 packs of HAG 536 front aprons...after removal of couplings..

    5 packs of HAG 161204-90 [pickup]

    3 HAG 280056-90 [Circuit board for decoder]

    4 HAG 187269-75 [Isolated wheel without tire]

    4 HAG 187270-75 [Isolated wheel with tire]

    Zuba-Tech [Swiss model shop] have them on order...for a long time...

    anyone any information where to buy these items? [preferably not Switzerland [plus 20% VAT to import] EU free at the moment..

    Peter Clare [Liverpool - England]

  • Hi Peter

    I think I have quite good connections to HAG. Shall I try to get your spare parts directly from HAG?

  • Roland..

    Yes that would be an ideal solution.....

    But how would I pay for them.. ? [credit card/Paypal]

    If they were sent to Zuba-Tech ..they could post from Austria...I would have to ask them...



  • Andre...

    I have bought a lot of parts from meisesmobacentre.de...

    But at the moment they do not have all the bits that I need....

    3 packs of HAG 536 front aprons...after removal of couplings..At present, I have shaved some Roco aprons to fit...do not look too bad..

    5 packs of HAG 161204-90 [pickup] [critical for conversion...]

    for example....

    Thanks for the feedback



  • Andre

    Thank you for the interest....I will drop a line to your friend over the weekend..with a full list of items I require...

    I have visited their website..cannot find any methods of payment...[credit card/paypal etc]

    I have a large collection of the HAG/Roco/Marklin Hamo/ re 460/465's

    All the Marklin have been converted to 2 rail..

    Most of the HAG I have are 2 rail..but I have accumulated about x6 .3 rail..[Liveries that I wanted]..

    I have already inserted x2 Hag LED lighting kits with ESU Loksound V4 decoders...quite successfully..

    Do you have a model railway ?

    and I have to mention.....I have a lady friend in Baden [South of Vienna] Where about in Austria are you from ?

    I visited her in Oktober 2017 and we spent a day at the Modellbau-Messe Vienna..

    She organised a visit to the Vienna model railway club and an out of season visit to the MINIATUR TIROLERLAND [just the two of us]

    My email is....peterclare@blueyonder.co.uk] could be interesting..



  • Roland...

    Re 460

    What would be handy...about 20 plastic isolating inserts for the wheels...

    I would have to re drill the wheel holes accurately...[managed on some Marklin loco's ok..]

    These are not on the HAG list of spares...

    I think maybe better to buy the wheels with the isolating inserts already in..



  • Modellbahner

    Do not know how I got the name wrong....???? apologies...

    Yes that would be an ideal solution.....if possible....

    I will await for your possibilities...

    I could have them sent to Zuba-Tech..if you could get hold of them..??

    Payment direct to HAG or other could be possible ..



  • I have contacted/been through the relevant websites of the outlets mentioned...and also the long list of outlets on the HAG website..

    not much joy...

    In the end, I ordered them via Zuba-Tech....and will have to wait for the items to arrive...

    as per the list below.


    6 HAG 161204-90 [pickup]
    3 [Circuit board for decoder/LED]
    10 Isolated wheel without tire]
    10 [Isolated wheel with tire]
    1 HAG 280023-90 Windscreen wiper [wipers]

  • P.S.

    Some outlets have an maybe one/two items...

    But would prefer them ordered in one batch...


    I don't unterstand why you still order at Zuba-Tech as they seem tho have problems to get these spare parts. Anyway, if you want to have them in a few days you can still contact me...

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