Roco Taurus Railjet window fogging problem

  • I have approx .. 20 of Roco Taurus's ..6 being Railjets ...

    All purchased new ..

    But on two of the Railjets, on one end only, the windows have gone milky [misty]

    The side windows are not affected .. [a different plastic part]

    Roco did replace the windows for me, but could not come up with an answer to the problem ..

    None of my other Roco loco's are having this problem ..

    The trains are in a garage with no windows ... so not a sunlight problem.

    The ceiling lighting is fluorescent tube lighting ..

    Also not been in contact with any solvents..etc ..

    Where the windscreen wipers had been… it was clear ..


    Anyone got any thoughts?


  • This fogging occurs when the cooling rate is not high enough and too long between the end of the injection and (remaining) cooling time.

    The plastic (only semi-crystaline plastics) is building partially crystaline areas, these areas are ending up milky-transparent.

    (the kind of plastic used for this is PC (Polycarbonate) and PC has only a 5% crystaline portion.)


    - Roco accidently has mixed two lots of different resins together or there was a small amount of resin remaining from the previous production run.

    - Bad lot or wrong ingredients

    - Wrong machine parameters for this piece (incorrect programming of the injection molding machine)


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  • Sven

    That is a most credible explanation.

    I think you have hit the nail on the head..

    Funny though, after contacting half a dozen main Roco dealers in the UK,

    non had come across this before….and had no explanations..

    Even Roco did not make a comment, although they did sent me some replacement windows direct.

    I cannot imagine I was the only person in the UK with this problem..

    And on two Railjets, bought from different shops...different dates..

    and only the window on one end.

    Maybe some just put it down to ultraviolet rays from the sun..and never bothered complaining.?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for that information



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