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    Dear MoBa-forum users. This is my first posting here. I can read German fairly well, but I would prefer to write in English. It said in the Disclaimer that this was accepted. But I have used Google translate on, f.ex. this post and learned a lot. You may answer me in German.

    I have referenced this post in a blog note about the Märklin 55681. Start at [1]. It's also about the Ce 6/8 III, on a log basis. I wrote about what appeared before my nose, kind of!

    In "My Krokis notes", reference [19] is to this thread.

    I think I have answered some question in that blog note, but I guess there are more unanswered points. Anybody who has the time and guts to read it and comment would make me happy. I am afraid it is rather long, as this posting starts to become as well.. I would be glad to see any comments in this forum, I don't want to move traffic from MoBa to my page. I would be glad to refer back to here. And if you want to have something quoted in my note, please state so.

    I have mentioned Longimanus and Tinu especially. Hope this is ok. If not, I will remove it.

    [1] SBB Ce 6/8 III Crocodile pages (also to a post I am working on about the circuit diagram)

    Standard disclaimer:

    valid for all blog notes: I have no ads, there’s no money involved, no gifts are accepted. I write what I think is right, and I strive to do it carefully. It’s entirely a hobby with no income of any sort. Just fun and expenses. I don’t have ads on my site. I don’t sell products/services on my site. I don’t promote a business on my site